What should I cook today?

As part of my working week, it is my job to trawl the newspapers, magazines and blogs of this world seeking inspiration, foodie news and culinary trends. Here I give a list of what has tickled my tastebuds of late, by way of inspiration for you (and me!) for when one is stumped by the question – what should I cook today?

For years Nigella’s broad bean crostini recipe has been my go-to party nibble but I think The Telegraph’s recipe for a pesto made of fresh peas and basil, topped with crispy chunks of chorizo, might just beat it

Homemade mayo is lovely, cheese is yummy, why not marry the two then serve them with courgettes to pretend its healthy? Great idea Mary-Ellen McTague – Courgette fries with cheddar mayo

Pizza dough, mozzarella and a soft-set egg yolk. I can’t wait to try this, another cracker from Mr Nigel Slater

Fried chicken = yum. Offal = yum. Chicken fried sweetbreads?  Double yum! Good call from blog Spoon Fork Bacon.

I love Nigel Slater’s idea for lining a puff pastry tomato tart with a paste of pine nuts, sherry vinegar, bottled peppers garlic and oil as featured in his recent Observer article

It may take two days to prepare, but this Oxtail Pho recipe from I Am A Food Blog sounds like the simplest ever version of my favourite Vietnamese dish and I can’t wait to try it.

It’s not so much the risotto itself that blew me away in this recipe….it was the idea of brushing the plate first with an espresso syrup that really got my interest in George from Masterchef Australia’s Parmesan risotto with poached egg

Why haven’t I thought of using soup as the base of a risotto instead of stock before now? Nigel Slater uses a fresh pea soup as the liquid base for his Green Pea Rice – a fab idea!

I adore the idea of jerk chicken more than I’ve ever enjoyed the actual result – so often it’s just over spiced and far too blackened, but I think this Ottolenghi version of Jerk-spiced chicken with fresh coconut salsa could be a winner

Pasta gets a yummy-sounding spring twist on DIY carbonara with this recipe from the Telegraph’s ‘new vegetarian’ columnPeas, edamame, pistachio & mint pasta topped with a poached egg

Miles Kirby of Caravan restaurants did four intriguing recipes for slathering onto corn on the cob in a recent Times feature – tucked behind that evil paywall – nam jim dressing (palm sugar, fish sauce, garlic, chilli), coriander & mint; teriyaki butter, spring onion & coriander; mayo, chilli, lime & parmesan, and sweet miso with crispy shallots. I may never have my corn plain buttered again!

Crisp couscous & saffron cakes from a recent feature in the Guardian sound the perfect lift snack or nibble with some spicy tomato chutney. Think I’ll omit the dried fruit though… *shudder*

Digging through some very old issues of Sainsbury’s Magazine I came across this recipe from Delia Smith for Roquefort cheese, leek & apple strudel which, whilst a bit old-fashioned, sounds delish, and I wish I’d had it around when I had the Christmas cheeseboard leftovers taking over my fridge!

Chicken cooked in cider is something of a favourite of mine, but Michel Roux Jnr has a recipe for Coq à la Bière in his new book ‘Cooking with The Master Chef‘ with dark ale, double cream, brandy and mushrooms that is tempting me

I love a salad that’s something out of the ordinary, so Rose Prince‘s sweet cooked red chicory, toasted pumpernickel & speck salad ticks all the right wintery boxes

A sandwich of honey-mustard smothered Ragstone cheese, roasted with grapes in a hot oven until caramelised then smeared into a fresh baguette with tarragon butter – à la Jamie magazine

Surf and turf got a gorgeous makeover from Glynn Purnell recently on Great British Food Revival – I can’t wait to try his roast pork belly with a creamy shrimp and apple reduction sauce

Buffalo wings are a minor obsession of mine (ok, maybe not that minor) so I can’t wait to try turning them into a delicious spicy, oozy, buffalo chicken and blue cheese ‘dip’ stuffed bread, as seen over at Finding a new life through food.

Hubby brought a tub of proper American grits back from New York a while ago and I really should get round to using them in this inspired Cheese & Grits souffle from Food Network

Soft, fluffy and fruity – just how I like my baking: Rose Prince’s Raspberry & ricotta buns

Is it sweet? Is it savoury? Either way my tastebuds want to get all over this glorious looking Goat cheese frozen yoghurt with beetroot-lime ganache & pistachio crunch from Scarletta Bakes

A tub of pringles with this Horseradish-Cottage Cheese dip from Bon Appetit magazine

A delicious twist on fresh ‘summer’ rolls – Heidi’s Wintery Spring Rolls with winter greens, tofu, mushrooms, onion and ginger

Try topping braised oxtail with a gremolata of horseradish, parsley and garlic – à la Stevie Parle in the Telegraph

Fried buttermilk chickenYoung Turks-style

Grilled leeks with a romesco sauce and goat’s cheese – as served at La Fromagerie

Pork cheeks slowly braised in cider, sauce finished with creme fraiche & lots of soft herbs – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in The Guardian Weekend

Open face braised lamb sandwich with chicken crisp skin – Mayonnaise coleslaw, oven roasted tomato, braised lamb with chicken skin on lavash bread, inspired by Sifu Renka on Flickr

Jerk chicken & pineapple rice paper rolls with chilli vinegar dipping sauce – a fusion idea mixing delicious jerk chicken with my memory of fresh chicken & pineapple rolls in Hoi An, Vietnam

Liver brochettes with chilli salt – fat slices of calves liver wrapped in caul fat, skewered and barbequed, and served with spicy chilli salt (from jamie Magazine April/May 2011)

Grilled chicken marinated in hefty amounts of miso & mirin, served with Asian slaw (inspired by Ottolenghi’s Guardian column, April 2011)