Food Cycle’s A Good Meal

Some time ago I wrote about the horrors of food waste, and it’s a subject that’s still at the forefront of my mind. Times are hard and wasting food isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s hard on the pocket. I wince every time I find a wilted half-bag of salad at the bottom of my fridge, knowing that sure as eggs are eggs, I’ve just thrown money down the bin.

But what about all that wasted food which DOESN’T have to be thrown out? Us at home throw out a fair bit, but the supermarkets? Now here’s a figure to make you queasy…400,000 tonnes a year of PERFECTLY EDIBLE FOOD is ditched by UK retailers. To showcase what can be done with this preposterous amount of squandered comestibles, the awesome charity FoodCycle recently hosted a series of dinners called ‘A Good Meal’ where their team of volunteers produced three-course banquets for the public, using ingredients solely from ‘waste’ donated by local supermarkets and other food retailers. Here you can catch a glimpse of what it was all about, courtesy of the lovely peeps at hiSbe:

Fabulous food, fabulous cause, fabulous evening – it was awe-inspiring the way it showcased how food can bring a room of total strangers together, which is part of what FoodCycle is all about.  I came away from it with new friends, a determination to get more involved with volunteering, and a lovely jar of chilli-pineapple chutney which one day, someday, I hope to work out the recipe for….


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