Random things you never knew about limes

  • LimesSoaking washed okra in fresh lime juice for 15 minutes before cooking helps take away their sticky ‘glueiness’
  • The best way to save an unused lime half is to place it cut side down on a saucer of water and place it in the fridge
  • Adding a few drops of lime juice to the oil before frying fish reduces the amount of smoke given off, it also helps keep fishy odours at bay
  • Lime juice is a good stain remover for both cooking pans and for wooden furniture.

And my favourite…..

  • To get more juice from your lime, try beating the fruit with a hammer before cutting.

Thanks to the Brazilian Association of Lime Producers and Exporters for those *ahem* top tips.

Disclaimer: any activity involving citrus fruit & hammers is undertaken purely at the reader’s own risk!


5 thoughts on “Random things you never knew about limes

  1. Great post – strangely that’s the second time today I have heard the one about okra. As for increasing the juice of a lime, I always give mine a quick blast in the microwave (other citrus fruit too). It starts to break down the structures inside and releases more juice – which I suppose is the same as using a hammer!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

  2. I love posts like this that put random images in my head and make me laugh! I had heard the lime-okra thing too but never tried it, mostly as I think okra is disgusting…time to get the hammer out maybe?

    1. Completely agree about okra @hampshirecook ! But I might give it a go and see if there’s some worthwhile flavour behind all that gluey nastyness 🙂

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