Delicious Failure: Kasutera (Castella) Cake

Kasutera (Castella) CakePosting about a recipe which failed isn’t normally something I’d bother with, but after reading up on the subject I realised that failure with one’s first Kasutera Cake isn’t just common – it’s obligatory. Do a quick online search now for this delectable Japanese cake and you’ll find literally hundreds of posts which start “I thought I’d never crack this…” (or words to that effect) so I feel better that mine didn’t turn out right.

This cake is fiendishly difficult to make, requiring a slavish amount of whisking that makes me wonder how this recipe was ever achieved, never mind invented, before the advent of the electric whisk, and although my result wasn’t the mountainous slab of fluffy sponge it was supposed to be, I know that when I do get it right it will be worth it, because even as it was it was simply delicious. Rich, but not too sweet, the honey gives it an extra edge that regular cakes made with sugar and vanilla can’t match – it almost tastes like it’s good for you! Mine was dense and fudgy, much more suited to a pudding than afternoon tea, so I simmered some frozen mixed berries to accompany it (without sugar – the sharpness pairs well with the honey) and it was wonderful. And I’m pretty sure I know what went wrong too! I’m going to keep working at it until I’ve produced a near-foolproof recipe, but in the meantime if you want to try your own Kasutera cake, check out this excellent blog post over at Kirbie’s Cravings which inspired me in the first place.

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3 thoughts on “Delicious Failure: Kasutera (Castella) Cake

  1. Emma, your kasutera cake looks gorgeous and with all these flavours in there can imagine even if it’s not perfect was totally amazing. I’m not going to even attempt this, as I’ll wait for your next post on it 😉 Nice touch with the summer fruits. I bet there’s not much difference between the “perfect” one and this one!

  2. I’d definitely give it a thumbs up (even as a ‘failure’) but I am hoping I can blag an invite when Emma does succeed because I will be really interested to see what the difference is.

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