Are YOU Masterchef material? (and BBC Good Food Show ticket giveaway)

Masterchef photographed by John Wright

Update: This competition has now CLOSED.  Thankyou to all who entered and congratulations to our winners!

Cooking famously doesn’t get any tougher after all! Actually that’s rubbish, it gets a lot harder, but Masterchef is a serious competition, and one with the real power to change lives. When I was a kid my family regularly threatened to enter me for the Masterchef Junior competition, back when it was hosted by Mr Loyd Grossman, and the very idea filled me with cold dread – it was really NOT my idea of a good time (I prefer to feed my food to loving friends and family who will give me any necessary criticism with rather more sensitivity to my fragile ego!)

That’s me however, and there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to put their plates up for the scrutiny of that grinning double-act, John & Greg, and here’s your opportunity – without having to quit your job and devote weeks of your life to back-breaking sleepless-night inducing challenges! BBC Good Food Show Summer (17-19 June 2011) is giving members of the public the chance to cook their signature dish live on stage in just 45 minutes. Each day’s winner will then compete in a Grand Final on Sunday afternoon to be crowned MasterChef Live Challenge Champion June 2011 with £500+ of prizes.

Sound like your kind of fun? To sweeten the deal, successful applicants will get free entry to the show for them and three friends, so even if you aren’t crowned champion you can still have a great day out. You can enter here:

And if you just fancy a slice of the BBC Good Food Show action without facing the challenges of the Masterchef kitchen, you can enter here now to win one of three pairs of tickets to the show!  For your chance to win, leave a comment here saying what you love or loathe about the BBC Masterchef series.  There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry.

BBC Good Food Show Summer 2011

For a chance to win please comment and tell me what you love or loathe about the BBC Masterchef series.

For a second chance to win please tweet this post using the tweet button below and comment telling me you have done so, with your twitter username

For a third chance follow me (@FoodieEmma) on twitter and comment to tell me you have done so, with your twitter username

For a fourth and final chance, use the Facebook button below to share this post with your friends, and again leave a comment to tell me you’ve done so!

Good Luck!

*All tickets are general admission excluding Saturday 18 June 2011.  Tickets are non refundable and non-exchangeable. Ticket terms and conditions apply. Winners will be drawn on 1st May 2011 and notified by email within 7 days.

31 thoughts on “Are YOU Masterchef material? (and BBC Good Food Show ticket giveaway)

  1. hiya, i have a shameful confession: i never watch masterchef *facepalm*

    having said that, i’d love the tickets as i’ve been before and it’s a wonderful day out.

    have tweeted m’dear!

  2. I love Greg and his eyes lighting up for his puddings, I adore the unusual dishes and guessing what will be said, I find the ones I think are terrible they always seem to judge well. I mostly adore the talent that has come from the show.
    Oh and the invention tests the lastest where they were blindfolded and had to pick ingredients by feel and smell then create a dish was so scary.

  3. i like it when it all goes wrong, hee hee. it makes me feel better that it happens to other people not just me.

  4. I can’t stand the X Factor style new format of Masterchef. It seems you have to have a sick granny or a cat that’s just had kittens to get on now instead of talent. And those ridiculously long pauses before announcing the winners! Oh, and stop pulling faces Greg, it makes you look retarded.

  5. I’ve tweeted below, retweeted your original post, and I’m following you on Twitter too. (Yes, I desperately want those tickets!) @maxtweenie

  6. I used to love it but have ceased watching as with many competition shows they have deathly drawn out pauses when saying who is in and who is out which really annoys me! Also, aren’t I a moaner, Gregg Wallace’s shouting ’10 minutes to go’ is so loud and raucous it goes right through me!
    Daily rant over 🙂

  7. I absolutely love the interaction between john and greg – they are just awesome together. Not too keen on the new format either, I have to say – bring back the old style!!!

  8. We ove watching Masterchef in our house & seeing if we can replicate any of the recipes at home. Could do with winning the tickets to stock up on some better kitchen equipment though!

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