Making the sausage casserole

While Emma is off on her honeymoon, sampling the delights of vietnamese cuisine which I am sure she will tell us all about on her return, I thought I would try to actually attempt the sausage casserole recipe that she posted just before she left.

Sausage & Lentil casserole, in the makingAs we have already established, I am not a cook… I am just someone who enjoys food, so it will probablly come as no surprise that I didn’t have all the ingredients that I needed for the casserole. I was lacking in thyme (actually and metaphorically) so substituted rosemary, and chilli flakes were replaced with very lazy chillis. I used 8 sausages rather than 6 (because the other two would have got lonely otherwise, and this left the option open for potential left overs), green lentils had to be used rather than puy lentils, cider vinegar instead of sherry and we didn’t have any natural yoghurt so used mayonaise on the side. But I feel I retained the essence of the dish.

I certainly learned a few important thing while preparing this:

  1. Onions need stiring, otherwise you will set off your smoke alarm.
  2. Don’t place your chopping board to close to the hob, you will set fire to it
  3. Non stick frying pans are your friend… beware of ones that used to be non stick but have been abused.
  4. You know that thing that Emma said about not letting the lentils scorch for lack of water? Yeah, that.
  5. Green lentils take longer to cook than puy lentils (I gave them about an extra 10-15 minutes which seemed to do the trick.
  6. My mum’s home made chutney is awesome.

Overall it certainly came out very tasty, got the thumbs up from my other half and will only be improved by me not making such a mess of it.


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