Cupcake Wedding Bouquet

As an utter Control Freak, I can safely say that I would never ever ever let someone else plan my wedding for me.   To leave someone else (a complete stranger no less) in charge of such an important day is utterly unthinkable to me. However, I’m getting married in precisely 3 weeks’ time, so have gone through the whole planning process, and I can understand why someone a little more relaxed than me would leap at the opportunity to hand over the reins – planning a wedding is an extremely time-consuming and stressful thing to do.

As part of a new show on Channel 4, where couples do exactly that – allow complete strangers to plan a ridiculously over the top, expensive, themed, wedding for them – the talented bakers at Splat Cooking made something super-special for a bride having an Alice-in-Wonderland themed wedding – this fantastic cupcake bouquet:

Cupcake bouquet
Photo courtesy of Splat Cooking press office

How fantastic is that? Not only a show-stopping adornment for your wedding day but – unlike a floral bouquet, which inevitably wilts and dies whilst you’re on your honeymoon – at the end of the day you can eat the whole bouquet. I’m definitely pinching that idea for my next wedding………..*. You just need to make sure not to get butter cream icing all over the wedding dress!

*Only joking Ben – love you! 🙂


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